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Knob Creek Fall 2000

  1, 2, 3 Video Subgun Match




(Above) Ear to ear smiles from a first time 50 cal shooter... We don't blame her.


(Above) SKS ..... The full belt-loop pictorial is available - For an explanation of this go to the chat at around 7:30pm any given day.

(Above) Dolf Goldsmith, author of the "Devils Paintbrush" seen here on the main firing line (Below) The ever shy Dolphin Shooter



(Above) Mark Serbu to the left, and aalbert to the right... Mark was kind enough to loan some of his toys and products for us to play with..... On his chest is his new 20g super-shorty - which is easy to shoot, and a lot of fun.



BCR regular, Jason F. Hinkle, wasn't able to make it, but somehow his underwear did (soiled and all)..... Homage was paid (Below) staff photographer and writer, dalbert


(Above and below) An innovative new "Can" was introduced at the lower range - to the delight of onlookers ... Unfortunately it was one Creek too late for the suppressor trials




Last Modified on October 17, 2000