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Knob Creek Fall 2000

1, 2, 3 Video Subgun Match


(Left) Tony Gooch, aka mguntony, was in attendance and in full force. Besides holding the subgun matches on the middle range, Tony threw a BBQ of BBQs on Friday to celebrate his good news from his doctors. (Below) C&S Metalwerks had a nice run



(Above) New slowfire kit to tame the MAC 11


(Above and below) Hkats father taking a turn behind the trigger with his 9mm M16 Images courtesy hkat


(Left and below) Keith from Gulfcoast Armory doing one of his runs with his race modified MAC 11. Images courtesy hkat


(Above and Below) The slider, which was actuated after shooting the pepper popper, presented a challenge to shooters as it was heavily surrounded by no-shoots



(Above) Toad and his MP5 proved to be a good combo. Image courtesy hkat


For the Friday BBQ some folks know how to make a dramatic entry.... cool for them, and good aviation skills by the pilot.

(Above) Hmmmm... Subgun matches just make folks wacky Image courtesy hkat


Last Modified on October 17, 2000